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As pop up shops take over our high streets and creative spaces, a new generation of store design emerges. No longer restricted by permanent rules & regulations and the problem of longevity, previously requiring store designers to create a space that will last the length of time and not require constant updating. Pop Up shops have the huge benefit of being just that - something that pops up overnight and dissapears just as easily. Whereas you may not consider creating a grid of hanging plants from the ceiling of a permanent store due to the cost of keeping the plants alive or the fear of the trend quickly passing. There's nothing stopping you going completely wild and trend crazy in your pop up shop.

Another facet of the pop up shop is that it forces many brands to add a new dimension to their brand identity. Often pop up shops are set up by new brands or online retailers as a relatively risk free activity of market research. Forcing them to contemplate how to transform their brand and all it stands for into a real life shoppable space. Pop Ups are a great opportunity to show customers first hand who you really are and why they should shop from you till the end of time.

Ajo-ke are a start-up fashion brand for men, designing African inspired clothing for the European market. They approached us to design the layout and presentation for their upcoming pop up space in Topman London. A fantastic opportunity for the brand to present themselves to a huge number of fashion forward men and to interact with their customer base.

As the brands first retail space the pop up needed to have maximum impact, be interesting enough to stop customers in their tracks and to teach customers about the brand in a very short space of time.

Ajo-ke were lucky enough to be provided with this hut like fixture and table by Topman, which are both on trend and interesting. We designed bright African print cladding for both the inside and outside to instantly communicate the brands design ethos and catch the customers eye. We also laid out the inside of the hut to have a large campaign image to the left and information about the brand to the right. Using colour and pattern to draw customers in to the space, allowing them to learn more about the brand once inside. With the table to the left and the rail to the right the space is balanced with products on both sides but still has enough space for customers to freely move around.

The display table at the front shows beautifully folded pieces for customers to see up close the intricacy of the patterns and to portray the brand in a premium way. Seeing these pieces first allows the customer to get an idea of the brands products before the commitment of stepping inside the space.

We can't wait to see images of when the space is set up in October! To find out how we can help you create your perfect pop up get in touch at or call us on 07722 634 112.

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