6 expert tips on signage: the silent killer

If I could only give you one piece of advice when it comes to signage it is this: BE CONSISTENT.

1. Typeface

Pick a typeface and make it your best friend. You want people to see that typeface and instantly think of you. If you’ve ever played the logo game, you will get where I’m coming from on this. If your logo is written in Lucida Calligraphy then this is the typeface you use for all your headings. Choose a simpler typeface for your paragraphs such as Calibri and you’re ready to go. Then use this combination for all in store signage and across your website.

2. Website

This is where consistency comes into play. So you've picked the typefaces for your heading and paragraphs. Now you need to implement these type faces on every single bit of branding material that you produce; Business cards, flyers, shopping bags and most importantly your website.

3. Colours

If your logo is green and black then these are the colours you should use on all branding materials. Use black for your paragraphs and green for your headings. If I showed you a yellow shopping bag I'm 90% sure of what brand would instantly pop to mind! Likewise if I showed you a forest green bag with gold writing.

4. Standards

Now, back to my ever-favourite point ... STANDARDS. Just like your window display, if you look like you couldn’t be bothered then I, the customer, loose trust in you. Need to quickly throw a sign on the door which says ‘Be back in 5!’ ? Don’t. Have you ever gone into a store, seen a hand-written dog eared sign and thought ‘What a lovely shop I definitely want to buy from here!’ ? No, you haven’t. You thought ‘That looks like someone has pulled the sign out of the rubbish.’

5. Think it through

All signage represents your brand much more than you think. Make it considered. Use your brand fonts and colours, print it onto clean paper and place it into an acrylic signage holder or a frame. Or if you really need to you can laminate it. No blue tack, no cello tape and certainly no permanent marker.

6. Things to avoid

Never hand write anything unless you have made it a specific feature of your branding such as LUSH or Nandos. Even then their signage is still very well considered and sticks to their brand typefaces. They have also been able to transfer their hand written typefaces onto their website which may not be so easy for smaller businesses to do.

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