RHS Hampton Court: 7 retail tips to pick up from the world's biggest annual flower show

The fabulous RHS Hampton Court flower show celebrated its 26th Birthday this weekend as the world's biggest annual flower show. Where better to head for summer inspo. The flower show may be a gardener's dream but is still a retail event and where there's a retail event there's a lesson to be learnt!

1. Be different

For many of the nurseries in attendance the flower show is the perfect opportunity to go mad with creativity. Anything goes and this is the perfect place for businesses to create displays that they would never normally have the resources to create. A full size safari truck full of tropical plants? why not!

2. Trends

Pinterest, Instagram and alternative magazines are full of trend inspiration. Luckily for this stall holder it is the year of the cacti & succulent. Laid out in repetitive pots, this image screams insta shot and no doubt this stall has been shared on the social media app countless times since the show. Even if your product isn't currently the hipsters favourite find display solutions that are!

3. Bigger is better

Abundant displays received the most attention at the show and definitely drew the crowds. As I've mentioned before, no-one is intrigued by a half empty display. Clever merchandising can leave your displays looking full, abundant and welcoming without looking crowded.

4. Make the effort

A lot of the stands at the show were selling similar items but I'm sure it comes as no surprise that this Orchid stand was by far the most popular of the Orchid stands at the show. This stand had made a huge effort with dramatic lighting, a carved wooden canoe and an abundance of orchids sprouting out of trees. Women were lining up to have their photo taken and the area around the stand was gridlocked.

5. Breathing Space

Although show stopping displays will draw the customers in, if there aren't big enough walk ways around the stock customers will take some pictures and move on. Yes space is money but merchandise your stock well to give customers breathing space and to although them space to shop.

6. Go above and beyond

Now this one isn't our own photo, but the show was inundated with these trolleys. They were everywhere. On the tube, lining the streets around the Palace and at every angle inside the show. Selling big plants or heavy items? Consider how your customers will get them home because if you don't someone else will! The manufacturer of these trolleys must be fanning themselves with cash as we speak.

7. Promotion

Now this display is beautiful - Country garden-esque with lovely shades of blues and lilacs. However the reason this display is so successful is not simply down to the lovely composition. It's because it has the business' name in the centre. It's not overpowering and it doesn't ruin the display but out of the 400 odd photos I took at the show, only a few actually have the name of the stand owner in them. You might create a phenomenal display that everyone wants to take photos of but if you don't include your business name you are missing a huge promotional opportunity

See our other images from the show over on our Facebook now! Want to discuss how we can create a show stopping display for your business? Give us a call on 07722 634 112 or drop us an email at hello@hertfordshirecreative.co.uk

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