5 expert tips for impressive in-store displays

You’ve created a beautifully commercial window. The customer has opened the door and they’re hungry to see what you’ve got to offer. Now what? They thought your window was good ... your in-store displays will be even better!

1. Display Type

Now there are three types of in-store displays: stock displays which hold a bulk amount of stock on a speciality fixture or in a stand out place, room sets which feature a lifestyle set up and do not hold bulk stock and a mixture of the two. The most successful stores hold a mixture of all three types of display.

2. Sight Lines

Pretend you’re entering your store for the first time. Where do you look the second you enter the store? What are the key directions that your eyes are drawn to? These are your sightlines and where you want to place your in-store displays. It is important that the stock you choose for your displays is relevant to both the other products around it and the campaign which you are currently promoting, especially if the display is at the front of your store.

3. Height & Balance

Your in-store display needs to be interesting. Think texture and height. Invest in good equipment and creating your displays will become easy. Your display needs to be balanced and full. Focus on triangular formations to create a display that is easy on the eye and has balance.

4. Props

Using vessels to hold some of your products will add texture and interest. Displaying 5 scents of the same candle? Use vessels to hold two scents to break up the monotomy of repetitive shapes. A stack of boxes is just not going to cut it! And don’t forget testers, no-one is going to buy a candle they haven’t smelt.

5. Abundance

You need to approach bulk stock displays in a completely different way to how you approach your room set displays. You may love the photo frame that you only have one of and want to put it at the centre of your display but once you sell it, then what? There’s now a massive gap in your display and you have to re-do it. Customers like to see an abundance of stock that’s displayed neatly. A half empty display appeals to no-one.

Print out our top tips and go and create your best displays yet!

Unsure on your sight lines or the best types of display to create in your store? Give me a call on 07722634112 or drop me an email at hello@hertfordshirecreative.co.uk and lets arrange a consultation.

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