Chelsea In Bloom: Floral Magic

Chelsea In Bloom combines two of our favourite things; flowers and visual merchandising. In case you are unfamiliar, Chelsea In Bloom is a concept ran in collaboration with the RHS Chelsea Flower show where local retailers transform their stores with flowers and compete to be crowned best dressed.

This years theme was Rio De Janiero Carnival and the displays were as bright and outlandish as you would expect. Some stores followed the theme to the letter such as Monica Vivander, this years winner, who created a mannequin adorned in floral carnival dress. While others chose a less literal carnival colour palette.

From a retail perspective Chelsea In Bloom not only brings hoards of people to the area, it is also a fantastic opportunity for major press and social media coverage. Around 1/3 of the stores in the area participated in the event which is a great opportunity to show off the brands personalities and attract new customers. The most successful displays were those that were outside the front of the stores as these were easily visible from a distance and were easier for passers by to photograph and therefore share on social media.

What can we learn from the event? Layouts, display ideas and inspiration. Why not create a summer floral scheme for your own store? Floristry always looks great and using faux flowers will make the display sustainable and more cost effective. There are so many images of the displays flying around the internet from this year and previous years providing you with endless inspiration.

Kiki Mcdonough - Gold

This design is striking, bright and most importantly considered. The effort that has gone into preparing this display is phenomenal and the attention to detail fantastic. The display featured pomegranates and mini pineapples to reference the details in the stores current jewellery range which the display beautifully frames. The display does not distract from the stores product which is still visible. The shape of the display has also created a photo opportunity for passers by, with a queue of women wanting to have their picture taken in the arch.

La Perla - Highly Commended

The La Perla store is a fair walk away from the main concentration of Chelsea in Bloom displays and is nearer to Knightsbridge than to Sloane Square. Not many of the stores at this end of the street had participated, giving La Perla an even better opportunity to stand out. Many of the stores this year focused on a similar palette of green, red and orange with a dash of purple with lush and full displays. La Perla focused on more of a dessert carnival palette and tied the rest of the stores window display in with their floral entrance to create a consistent on-brand theme.

Tom Davies - Gold

This display is completely unexpected which is why it's so effective. Tom Davies Opticians are proof that visual merchandising works for all retailers, not just the expected fashion & home retailers. The brightness of this display meant you could see it from quite a distance and the high density of the flowers looks fantastic up close. The store had also created special edition carnival themed glasses which tied the whole scheme together perfectly.

See the rest of the images we took on the day over on our Facebook now!

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