5 important things to consider before creating a killer window display.

The age old window display ... Ask the majority of people what a Visual Merchandiser does and they will more than likely tell you they “do the window displays!”. Window displays are actually a very small yet crucial part of the role of a visual merchandiser, However they are a great place to start. Your window display needs to show in no uncertain terms what you do and why you do it so well. Below are our tried and tested tips for creating the perfect window display:

Window display magic .. where to begin

1. Standards

I talk about standards a lot and nowhere are they more crucial than in your window display. If your customer sees a clump of dust, an ill fitting item of clothing, left over sticker residue, a mannequin with no hand or a hand-scribbled 50% off sign, they’re not coming in. Or worse, they will come in because they’ll think you are a charity shop, no disrespect. Your window needs to be impeccably clean.

Not a speck of dust or item out of place.

2. Channel the magic

Your window display needs to be interesting, I’d go as far as to say borderline magical. Window displays, if done well, become the talking point of your local community. All you need to do is wait outside Harrods on Christmas window launch day and you’ll see this is true. You need to channel that magic for your store. Research, research, research. Chances are there are other retailers very similar to you who have much bigger VM budgets. Find out what they’re up to and re-vision it for your store.

Interesting, Festive & Magical.

3. Lighting

Invest in good window lighting and half the job is done for you. This is a one-off investment that will dramatically improve your stores outside appearance. Get adjustable spotlights and angle them properly. Play with the lighting until it’s perfect, after all your window is your stage. Get down to Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nics to see exactly what I mean. It doesn’t matter if you are selling pet food in Slough, the concept is the same.

Beautifully lit with impeccable standards

4. Quality not Quantity

So many retailers over clutter their windows, screaming ‘Hey!! Look at all our amazing stock!!’ When they should be saying ‘Here are a few of our best pieces, we bet you want to pop in and see the rest’. Create a theme for each month, you can plan this well in advance, and choose the appropriate products to suit the theme.

Perfectly styled, less is more

5. Lifestyle

There’s nothing worse than seeing an item of clothing in a window display that you love but not knowing how to style it for yourself, this is where your window display steps in. Style your window outfits to perfection, top to toe. Your styling should portray an aspirational lifestyle. Doing a promotion on BBQ’s? If I see a row of bbq’s in a window I’m going to look at it and think “barbecues”. If I see a window display with a bbq, bench, a bottle of wine and glasses, plates, sauces and a summery backdrop I’m going to think “Gosh I love summer, I haven’t had a bbq in ages. We’ve been meaning to get a new one” and into your store I will walk. It’s not about the bbq, it’s about the end use. Nostalgia is a very important VM tool.

Lifestyle styling for a classic bistro set

Take my top tips, print them out and get to work! Scribble all over them if you have to and go and create your best window display yet.

Feeling a little overwhelmed or that you just don’t have the time or skill set to create the window display of your dreams? Give me a call on 07722634112 or drop me an email at hello@hertfordshirecreative.co.uk and lets arrange a consultation.

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